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Independent Packages

Designed for the independent traveller, our packages are the perfect answer for those who wish to travel independently. We plan it – you do it! Accompanied on all excursions by our expert local English speaking guides.

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Amazon & Incas    
18 Night/19 Days   Peru & Bolivia
Antarctica Peninsula
10 Nights/11 Days   Antarctic
Antarctic Circle Voyage
12 Night/13 Days   Antarctic
Antarctica, Falkland Islands & South Georgia    
18 Nights/19 Days   Antarctic & Falkland Islands
Argentina & Brazil Highlights    
8 Night/9 Days   Argentina & Brazil
Argentina Cruzeros Australis Cruise    
3 Nights/4 Days   Argentina & Chile
Argentina Patagonia Highlights    
6 Nights/7 Days   Argentina
Bolivias Colonial Past, Salt Flat & Northwest Argentina    
11 Nights/12 Days   Argentina & Bolivia
Bolivia's Salt Flats & Colonial Treasures    
5 Nights/6 Days   Bolivia
Brazil Amazon Cruise 3 Days
2 Night/3 days   Brazil
Brazil Amazon Cruise 4 Days    
3 Nights/4 Days   Brazil
Brazil & Argentina Highlights    
8 Nights/9 Days   Brazil & Argentina
Brazil Highlights    
10 Nights/11 Days   Brazil
Chile & Argentina Highlights    
8 Nights/9 Days   Chile & Argentina
Chile Patagonia & Glaciers    
3 Nights/4 Days   Chile
Chile Skorpios Kaweskar Cruise
3 Nights/4 Days   Chile
Chile Skorpios San Rafael Cruise    
5 Nights/6 Days   Chile
Chile Torres del Paine    
3 Nights/4 Days   Chile
Ecuador By Train    
3 Nights/4 Days   Ecuador
Ecuador Amazon Culture
4 Nights/5 Days   Ecuador
Ecuador Amazon Dual Experience
5 Nights/6 Days   Ecuador
Ecuador Highlights    
6 Nights/7 Days   Ecuador
Ecuador Napo Amazon Cruise    
3 Nights/4 Days & 4 Nights/5 Days   Ecuador
Falkland Islands Wildlife Tour    
7 Nights/8 Days   Falkland Islands
Galapagos Cruise 5 Days    
4 Nights/5 Days   Ecuador
Galapagos Islands Cruise 8 Days    
7 Nights/8 Days   Ecuador
Incas Highways    
 20 Nights/21 Days
  Peru & Bolivia
Pantanal North
3 Nights/4 Days   Brazil
Pantanal South    
3 Nights/4 Days   Brazil
Parana Curitiba     
3 Nights/4 Days   Brazil
Peru Refugio Amazonas 3 Day    
 2 Nights/3 Days
Peru Refugio Amazonas 4 Day    
 3 Nights/4 Days
Peruvian Andes
3 Nights/4 Days   Peru