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Argentina - The country between the mountains of the Andes and the Atlantic Ocean, with its fantastic capital Buenos Aires, its Pampas and Gauchos, the famous wine of the Mendoza, the worlds largest waterfall- Iguazu,the colonial northwest region and the Patagonian landscapes in the south.

With a country as large and diverse as Argentina, there is somewhere for everyone of all different tastes. The northern areas have much warmer temperatures and influences from surrounding countries' cultures (Brazil, Bolivia, etc.) The southern parts of the country have a colder atmosphere - especially in the winter, with great ski areas, naturistic voyages and more. You can also find major city life in the center of the country - mostly in the Capital (Buenos Aires) but also in places such as Córdoba.

Argentina's night life doesn't start until late (1am at the earliest) and goes all night. Almost every city and town, big or small, has at least one discoteque where you can dance all night.

Argentina's biggest plus is the people - they are warm, very friendly and fun oriented. If the chance were to arise to be able to participate in more local activities, such as a backyard (or even club) asado, you should jump at such an opportunity. It is in such circumstances that you will discover the real Argentina rarely experienced by most tourists.