Responsible & Sustainable Tourism

We at Latin Link believe strongly in responsible and sustainable travel to areas that help improve the well being of indigenous people and conserves the natural environment

We try and give back to the places and people that have inspired our company from the very start. Their success is our success. There are things we do as part of our everyday operating standards, such as the use of local guides, transportation and family-run hotels. Latin Link also supports non-profits and other organizations that encourage cultural and ecological awareness. This might mean incorporating a home stay into the tour, or visiting an Amazon lodge owned and operated by an indigenous community. Our itineraries are designed to visit locations where sustainable travel is not only practiced, but has proven effective.

Latin Link ensures that each itinerary has a positive impact on the local culture, environment and economy. We do this by

-using efficient local transportation which also provides interaction with locals

- sampling local cuisine

-staying at locally run hotels and supporting local businesses

-supporting community based projects

- employ local guides and suppliers in the destinations we travel.

-maintain small-group sizes to limit negative environmental and social impacts

Latin Link and the Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance

Working together for Sustainable Travel
Latin Link and the Rainforest Alliance have established a partnership to promote tourism operations that are part of the Rainforest Alliance's Best Management Practices in Sustainable Tourism Program.

RA works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behaviour. The Rainforest Alliance provides tourism entrepreneurs and community-based businesses in Latin America with the tools and training they need to become more environmentally and socially responsible, to compete in the marketplace and to contribute to the conservation of the local cultures and nature.

What Latin Link’s commitment to the Rainforest Alliance means?

The Rainforest Alliance is a leading international conservation organization whose goals include promoting ecologically and socially responsible best practices for tourism businesses in Latin America. We promote tourism certification programs by publicizing the various programs’ requirements and the benefits of certification. The Rainforest Alliance also gathers and distributes information about current tourism market conditions and trends, provides marketing support to participating tourism businesses and creates commercial alliances that benefit owners of sustainable tourism businesses.

Tour operators who sign these cooperative agreements agree to motivate their affiliated business enterprises to conserve biodiversity and reduce tourism’s negative impacts. The agreements offer staff with these affiliated lodges and enterprises the opportunity to receive training on effective business management and the requirements of sustainable tourism certification programs. Participants can then elect to receive technical assistance and marketing support if their businesses meet specific requirements.


Latin Link is an active member of the Friends of Galapagos

Peru’s Challenge & Volunteer Tourism

Peru’s Challenge works in partnership with local residents to develop functional and sustainable schools and to improve the living standards of rural communities. Peru Challenge also operates a Volunteer’s Programme which allows volunteers to work in rural schools and communities. Tasks range from helping with lessons in English, Art, Sport and music; working with local community members on construction projects such as building classrooms, houses, toilet blocks, sports areas and water reservoirs; working with our local social worker and doctors to improve health and hygiene levels; helping to develop micro financing within the communities and set up small businesses.Volunteers can join the program for three to nine weeks.

Travel Sustainably

As a traveller you will receive lots of helpful hints from us so that you can help ensure tourism remains a positive experience for both you as the traveller and our hosts