our clients are saying ……….

The trip was amazingly cheap for what was provided.It provided a fabulous
combination of hard exercise and socialising. Riding through magnificent
scenery, covered in dust at the end of the day- collapsing in the foyers of
lovely hosterias with awaiting cervezas or G+Ts – a fantastic trip

Reta & Grant –Tauranga –Bike the Andes ’10

It’s hard to put in a few words how much I did enjoy the trip so thank you for such a great trip and the wonderful memories.

Janet – Wellington – Andes Overland

Great holiday. Enjoyed travelling without worry in an unpredictable continent. Lots of fun and many different experiences.  Thanks a million.

Pauline – Christchurch - Incas & Llamas

It was a hard month but one hell of an education for two green Kiwis not having travelled – but set them up and we’ll be in for another round.

Kelvin & Margie – Wellington - Incas & Llamas

It was an incredible adventure.  The colours and contrasts of South America will remain a memory for many years to come.  I hope to return.

Alison – Timaru – Amazon to Andes

The itinerary was great – we travelled so far and saw so much – good choices.  We’ve had such an amazing trip my head is a jumble of thoughts and memories.  The
Inca Trail was so well organised.  The scenery in the Cordillera Blanca was just incredible – rugged, jagged mountains, snow and ice covered, glaciers, waterfalls, river and streams filled with glacial water.  A great holiday
shared by our diverse but compatible companions – never to be forgotten

Joan – Auckland – Amazon to Andes

This trip gave you plenty of time to ‘do your own thing’ along with the daily organised activities and really meet with the local people.  A magical tour
with very special memories.

Peter – Wellington – Incas & Llamas

A wonderful trip, which has special memories and rates among the most memorable I have done. Helen – Wellington – Incas & Llamas

The trip itself was ‘full on’ and value for money, each day we could not predict what was going to happen.  We travelled long distances at times and certainly saw a lot in the available time. Our Tour Leader was a good host and dealt with all our trials and
tribulations extremely well.
Peter – Ashburton – Incas & Llamas

Excellent tour leader, great group to travel with and wonderful sights to see. 
Every day was an adventure even the routine aspects of catching transport,
going to dinner, often became little adventures in themselves and made the trip
Pat – Auckland - Discover South America

I felt the trip was action packed and we extracted 150% from time and money. 
Sightseeing and guides were excellent and our tour leader was the
greatest, was helpful and sensitive to differing needs and was good fun.

Judy – Te Awamutu - Inca Highways

Special memories about the trip, where to start! The people were superb, helpful and a lot of fun, friendly and war.  Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe the Colca
Canyon.  Another highlight was the Inca Trail, getting up early and walking in the dark to get to the Sun Gate to see the sun rise over Machu Picchu – this was an experience that would be hard to match.  There are no words, just leave your expectations at home and let the place steal into your heart.
Liz – Auckland - Inca Highways

The best fun and well organised adventure we have ever had –and we’ve been on many.  John & Sheila – Rotorua – Amazon Adventure