Calchaqui Valley

November 20, 2012 at 12:05 PM

Calchaqui Valley – a spectacular region to explore


The Calchaquí Valley is an area in the northwest of Argentina which crosses the provinces of Catamarca , Tucuman and Salta . It is best known for its contrast of colours and its unique geography that ranges from the mountain desert to the subtropical forest.

These valleys were once inhabited by a number of tribes. Decades before facing the invasion of the Spanish colonisation the natives of these lands suffered the invasion of the Inca Empire.

 In several parts of the valley there are numerous vineyards, specially in the Cafayate area.

The trip round the Calchaquí Valleys, known as “La Vuelta a los Valles”, is an unforgettable journey through a region that has witnessed a turbulent pre-inca and colonial history forged in dramatic surroundings, where the winds and the sun have sculpted its geography.

 Behind the incredible rock formations of its ravines and multi-coloured hills, there are quiet villages whose adobe and thatch houses take travellers back in time to the distant past.

Before entering the Calchaquí Valley, and once Salta has dropped behind, the road winds through the Valley of Lerma. There are a series of towns and farms by this route and the main activity of the area is the growing of tobacco. Many of the farm houses accommodate tourists. Horse-riding excursions and similar activities can be done during the day.

A fascinating way to explore the region is by mountain bike with accommodation at quaint hosterias en route . With a support vehicle  and local english speaking guides , Latin Link have made it possible to experience this unique region

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